Month: October 2016

Why records must be sealed

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When most people (and I include myself in this) start to learn a functional programming language like F#, they are immediately surprised by the lack of inheritance. It’s such a mainstay of our daily programming that we’re initially nonplussed when it’s taken away… In this post I want to talk about the problems introduced by mixing inheritance with the notion of structural equality, and thus why any language which implements the concept of a record type must also prohibit inheritance of such a type.

For the record (ahem), a record is a type where one simply declares the shape of the class (i.e. the names and types of the public members), and then the constructor, equality and hashcode methods are generated for you by the compiler. An example in F# might be this:

type PersonName = { firstName : string; surname : string }

which is roughly equivalent to the following C#:

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