Classic mashup: An FSharp coding dojo

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Yesterday I attended the FSharp Dojo: Picasquez and Velasso at Skills Matter in London.

This dojo is all about manipulating images and creating mashups, like this:

Classic mashup image

My attempt was pretty modest; first I inverted the colours of the Mona Lisa, then I created a pseudo-anaglyph-3D image, which you can see here:

Anaglyph Mona Lisa

This image was created by taking each pixel from the source image (removing the red) and the pixel twenty places to its left (removing the blue and green) and blending the two together.

You can see more (impressive) results by looking at the photos under the Twitter hashtag FSharp.

Thanks to Phil Trelford (@ptrelford) and Ross McKinley (@pezi_pink) for the talk and the beers afterwards!

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    F# Weekly #42, 2014 | Sergey Tihon's Blog said:
    2014-10-21 at 04:27

    […] Classic mashup: An FSharp coding dojo – Richard Gibson. […]

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